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We are proud to have worked with some fantastic businesses. Here's what some of them say about us;

I approached Lesley because I have always thought that a "boss needs a boss" or at least someone to help gain clarity and bounce your ideas off. Managing Directors of SME's often require support in untangling the spaghetti of thoughts that resides in their heads. Creative thinkers sometimes need guidance on prioritising what is important and urgent and... what is not. I required assistance in brain dumping and sorting out my concerns for the business and deriving action from those thoughts to drive my growth aspirations.

Lesley would listen and rationalise what the priorities were and then guide me down a route of how to create action from these. Some of the tasks were some that I just did not want to do, like personnel issues. Consequences would be discussed and then established. Lesley would help and encourage me to deal with them and develop the plan to make it happen.

Over a 6 month period Lesley helped me gain clarity in where I was driving the business, offered support in making some very difficult decisions and raise awareness of some of my more "challenging" personality traits.

The biggest result is in the rationalisation of problems and implementing action to eradicate barriers and implement change. Reflection is important and recognising success, rather than focusing on what we are not so good at, is paramount. This style of one to one coaching is very helpful at creating clarity. If you want to discuss your business challenges and how to get the best from your business, I suggest that all business owners and MD's should have a coach to discuss, guide and rationalise your ideas and add clarity to your vision. For individuals who want to be challenged, supported and encouraged to push their own boundaries I would definitely recommend working with Lesley.

Richard McCombe

Starting a franchise can be a daunting thought. You have a great idea, you know it will be successful, but just not how to make it all work. That's where Lesley comes in.

She is very patient and dilligent spending a lot of time looking through the plans and using her experience to ask some very challenging questions, which has you thinking about some things is a completely different way. It's so reasurring knowing that she's on the other end of the phone just to bounce ideas off or to.

If you are serious about a franchise business then I would strongly suggest that you get in touch with Lesley who has the professionilsm and personality to make your journey both enjoyable and rewarding. 

David Brice

As a successful brewery, bar and restaurant we have a number of staff responsible for a wide range of activities in more than one location. It is essential that the customer experience is of the same high quality as our beer and food.

We wanted to really consistently deliver a great customer experience and have a defined WEST way of doing things. We regularly recruit new staff and it is important that they can be trained in the WEST way irrespective of who is training them and how long they had been with us.

Lesley (Billmar Consulting) was hired to develop a suite of best practice process and procedures to enable us to deliver this. She was also tasked with training the team in how to develop and document best practice procedures in order that we can own it and use the tool on an ongoing basis. It was also important to us that we developed a culture of continuous improvement throughout the team.

We are delighted with the results and have already received feedback from very well respected individuals in our industry that our processes and procedures are the best they have seen. Training our team is much more efficient and effective and we can be confident of consistently delivering an excellent WEST experience for our customers.

Lesley was great to work with. She really knows her stuff and how to get the best out of the team, keeping them motivated throughout the project. Lesley took the time to understand our business and really become part of the team - we definitely consider her to be a true WESTIE!

Petra Wetzel

I hired Lesley to help me set up our franchise. Lesley is very approachable and took great care and time to listen to my ideas and offered great advice and guidance during the whole process.

I am delighted with the work that has been carried out, Lesley has kept me informed throughout the whole process and has managed to keep myself and my business partner on schedule which is a result in itself.

I would recommend Lesley to anyone that is serious about franchising their business.

I look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship.

Ian Paltiel
Commercial Director
Internet Creation
Internet Creation Ltd

I've worked with Lesley now for almost 3 years and over this period she really has helped us take our franchise proposition to a whole new level. We spent a great deal of time when initially looking for a franchise consultant and Lesley was one of the only people we met who came across very personable with a wealth of experience.

Thankfully we were right to bring Lesley in as our Franchise Director and she has become an integral part of our business.

I would recommend Lesley to anyone with a scalable business looking to expand and grow through franchising.

Colin McDermott
Managing Director
The Online Print Company

Online Print Company

I hired Lesley as a business coach and mentor starting in early 2011, am still working with her and plan to do so for some considerable time. Initially it was to help me get on top of the kind of things that I know are vital in any business but were never really high enough priority. However, as well as that, she has helped my business take a big step forward by focussing on what is really important, setting priorities and even more importantly getting things done. She has an unerring ability to ask the question you don't want asked or to challenge your thinking exactly when it needs challenged. She brings a huge breadth of management expertise with real world hands on experience from helping other businesses grow. I expect my business to have doubled thanks to Lesley. Highly recommended.

Alan Mackie
Sandler Training

Business Gateway

I have known Lesley for over 4 years and during this time she has been instrumental in delivering Franchisor/Franchisee workshops for Business Gateway in Glasgow.

Having been a Franchisee herself and now with her own company Billmar Consulting, Lesley presents an overview of the Franchising Industry in a most professional and balanced manner, with attendees commenting most favourable about her input.

Through her experience and industry knowledge Lesley works well with both Franchisors and Franchisees alike, and has greatly assisted me in developing the Franchise network Scotland wide.

I would confidently recommend Lesley to any prospective clients for the full service that her company provides.

John Crichton
Senior Business Advisor
Business Gateway

Sandler Training

We have attended several Planning Workshops run by Lesley and were delighted with the input and developments she presented which opened our eyes - and have had a lasting impact on how we run our business.

Lesley is a pleasure to work with, very professional and quickly understands her clients' needs due to her experience and knowledge of the issues. We would certainly recommend Lesley and would not hesitate in using her services again in the future.

Alex & Jackie
PMG Web Services Ltd
Sandler Training

Lesley McLuskey from Billmar Consulting was contracted by Empire to look at the feasibility of a franchise for the various Empire professional services. The research was very thorough, looking at the market and the geographical issues in respect of our services.

The results of the assignment were impressive, in-depth and detailed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Billmar Consulting.

Steve Cook
Managing Director of Empire HR

Empire Training

We employed Billmar Consulting to work with us during 2010/11. Their approach was very professional and they took the time to understand our business in order that they could add value and deliver an excellent service. They very quickly became part of our management team and I had every confidence in involving them in discussions about our plans and challenges. I would definately recommend Lesley and her team to any business looking for a partner to help them grow their business

Tony Johnston

Empire Training

What our clients say